Innovation makes you sexy

As you may have noticed, our podcast is called “Innovation makes you sexy” and there’s a true story behind the name. Years ago when I was running the innovation program of HP software one of our most prolific innovators, an employee from one of our sites around the globe told this story on stage at an event we ran regularly called “The InnoBlast”. His story was about how a couple of years earlier he presented an innovative idea to an audience of his peers. At the time he was a self-proclaimed “nerd” but the experience at that previous InnoBlast and his experience as a corporate entrepreneur that followed and was made possible by the innovation program, opened up something inside him that made him much more optimistic about what he could achieve in life. As part of that personal transformation, he showed a video of his InnoBlast presentation to a lady he was interested in and that resulted in his second InnoBlast presentation being composed of wedding photos. That’s because his newly found confidence generated a glorious outcome!

When his then future-wife saw the InnoBlast video she told him: “Innovation makes you sexy!”

I have carried this phrase with me ever since because it was the first time I realized as an innovation executive, the depth of the impact that corporate entrepreneurship can have on people’s lives.

And that’s the story behind the podcast’s name.