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Venture to Scale

Duration: 12 months

Short description: Our flagship offering provides you with the outcome of a thriving innovation ecosystem that supports both organic and open innovation activities as a natural part of organizational culture. We will provide you with the roadmap to get there and guide you there as your coaches step by step until you are self-sufficient running it.

Why our clients love this:

  • This is the ultimate experience we envisioned for our clients when we established Spyre Group. We want you to experience the joy of having innovation thriving naturally as part of what the organization does with tangible business outcomes.
  • Our innovation eco-system is suitable as a foundation for both organic innovation based on your employees’ ideas and open innovation where you adopt startup technologies as a catalyst for innovation progress. This single investment will generate dividends through both avenues.
  • During the 12 months of this project, you will witness how your organization is transformed one innovative venture at a time. In contrast to alternatives, we propose to foster a gradual transformation as opposed to an open-heart surgery approach similar to a probiotic that gradually transforms your body from the inside.
  • We are right there alongside you and your team, guiding you every step of the way. You learn as you execute the detailed instructions as they appear in our Spyre innovation playbook. By the team we’re done, you become self-sufficient running the eco-system for the long term.

Imagine a world where innovative opportunities are formulated and submitted by employees as a regular part of organizational practices. Imagine that management expects with anticipation the validated concepts that will be presented to it on a regular basis and evaluate their potential impact on business outcomes. Imagine that all this is integrated with organizational procedures related to employee evaluation and compensation, legal, branding, etc’. 

That is how Spyre’s flagship offering, the Hybrid innovation ecosystem will affect your organization. Regardless of whether you tried innovating in the past or this is your first step. Regardless of the type of organization you are running (Business, Municipal, Government, non-profit, Military, etc’) this ecosystem will take you to entirely new levels of innovation proficiency. It will give you the tools, the skills and the procedures to effortlessly nurture innovative opportunities both organically developed and ones that are based on external technology, and get them to execution stages in massive numbers.

When completed, you will be able to continue running the ecosystem independently based on the experience you accumulate supported by our detailed guide, the Spyre innovation playbook.

Here’s a partial list of what setting up the ecosystem includes. Mind you, we’ll be with you every step of the way, guiding you through it and answering questions.

  • Innovation checkup – We will map your organization based on our unique methodology, identify the key areas that require action and build an action plan with you.
  • Set challenges – We will guide you through the definition of innovation challenges.
  • Run two consecutive innovation cycles – We will take you from calling out for ideas or scouting for startups through the correct method of selection, mentoring individual entrepreneurs and all the way to having entrepreneurs pitch their ideas to management in a language executives get excited about.
  • Experimentation – Selected ventures will receive personal mentoring as they go through a stage of running experiments that will justify investment into a PoC/Pilot stage. Successful experiments graduate from the cycle and become the responsibility of the business units.
  • Various training programs and seminars will be offered to members of your workforce at various stages of the cycle.
  • Personal mentoring of the person running the cycle from the client’s end, step by step guidance of the required actions and full participation in resolving any occurring problems based on the Spyre team’s vast experience.