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Single Open Innovation Cycle

Duration: 6 months

Short description: Many organizations would love to have opportunities to make a significant impact on business metrics, like generating new sources of revenue, through open innovation as part of their normal routine. This will be your first step towards achieving that goal. By the end of the cycle you will have engaged your management team and broader workforce while establishing the foundation for practices that are repeatable for the long term.

Why our clients love this:

  1. Management teams usually select more than the planned number of startup-related innovative opportunities to make progress, which attests to the quality of the outcomes our methods produce.
  2. We empower our clients by offering them our “Spyre innovation playbook” and using it as the basis as we guide them through the cycle. At the end of the cycle, our clients have the ability to do most of the work independently as part of the normal routine.
  3. Executives agree that once startup-related opportunities are championed by employees who own the pitch and later oversee the implementation, this greatly increases the long-term chances of success.

Imagine your organization having the ability to work with startups and get their technologies effectively incorporated in ways that make you more profitable, relevant for new markets and offer premium value to your customers.

Executing open innovation successfully requires executive sponsorship and having the right tools and methods of operation. Executing open innovation for the long term as part of normal business practices requires a supporting infrastructure in the form of an innovation community. This supporting network of innovation practitioners serving as catalysts across the organization is the key that allows innovation to thrive naturally for the long term. At Spyre group we have developed a highly focused syllabus for each supporting group which is based on the clear roles and responsibilities that we associate with it. Our training which is an essential part of the cycle and the establishment of this supporting internal community will ensure that when you promote innovation in the organization your efforts will be enhanced by the community that you create.

We have applied this innovation cycle in organizations that are attempting this for the first time and others that have tried in the past via other methods and weren’t happy with results. The feedback we get from individuals who participated in past attempts always includes how skeptical they were based on past experience and how what we do is unique and highly valuable.

Here’s a partial list of what running the open innovation cycle includes. Mind you, we’ll be with you every step of the way, guiding you through it and answering questions.

  • Innovation checkup – We will map your organization based on our unique methodology, identify the key areas that require action and build an action plan with you.
  • Set challenges – We will guide you through the definition of innovation challenges.
  • Run an open innovation cycle – We will take you from scouting, through the correct method of startup selection, mentoring individual entrepreneurs and all the way to having entrepreneurs pitch their startup-related opportunities to management in a language executives get excited about.
  • Experimentation – Selected opportunities will receive personal mentoring as they go through a stage of running experiments that will justify investment into a PoC/Pilot stage. Successful experiments graduate from the cycle and become the responsibility of the business units.
  • Various unique training programs and seminars will be offered to members of your workforce at various stages of the cycle.
  • Personal mentoring of the person running the cycle from the client’s end, step by step guidance of the required actions and full participation in any occurring problems based on the Spyre team’s vast experience.