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Popup Accelerator

Duration: 3 months

Short description: Imagine your management team being presented with opportunities for organic innovation by employees. Imagine your management team getting so excited about what they see that they’d like to make it a regular practice. Imagine your management team deciding that even though they were asked to select just three opportunities they’d actually like to see five or more proceed to the next phase as part of official work plans. That is the effect of our breakthrough popup accelerator format on clients. 

Why our clients love this:

  1. At the end of the process, 5-10 organic innovation opportunities are presented to the management team by members of the workforce
  2. The management team will likely decide to add 3-5 of the presented opportunities to official work plans. 
  3. The management team will likely decide to run similar processes in the future.

We’ve all been there. You run a creativity workshop. Everyone’s very “excited” about the results that are presented to management. The judging panel hands out awards and encourages employees to keep innovating. And then… nothing. Crickets. A year later, very little meaningful progress is made on any of the presented ideas if any at all.

At the end of the day, the success of any innovation investment is measured based on its impact on official work plans, otherwise, we are dealing in “innovation theatre”. Our motto at Spyre is that “It’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen”. At the same time, we realize that some organizations wish to get their feet wet but aren’t yet ready to fully jump in. What we offer through our Popup accelerator format is a taste of what effective innovation looks like while requiring very little disruption and levels of commitment which, every organization can afford. Another unique benefit of our offering is that it creates the foundation for a future internal innovation community in case the organization chooses to pursue this direction after the program is completed.

Most opportunities for organic innovation never go beyond the watercooler conversation and even those that do seldom get a fair chance to see the light of day. Here’s what Spyre group’s groundbreaking Popup accelerator format contains:

  1. Effectively harvest such opportunities from the broad workforce
  2. Applies a proven cost-effective selection process
  3. Coaches them to an effective and impressive pitch to the management team by applying elements of the lean startup methodology adapted to a corporate environment based on the vast experience of the Spyre group team

We will guide you step by step in generating engagement from management and workforce, harvesting organic innovation opportunities, and allowing them to take their first step with an outcome of validated concepts becoming part of business units’ work plans. Getting innovative ventures into official work plans is the most significant bottleneck that prevents corporations from innovating systematically. We at Spyre group have solved this challenge. We have the proverbial magic sauce that generates real outcomes and we commit to bringing our solution to you. This first significant positive experience will plant the seed of belief in your organization’s leadership that your organization can become innovation proficient.

We are absolutely convinced that you will LOVE the outcome.