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Open Popup Accelerator

Duration: 4 months

Short description: First, you get access to Israel’s thriving ecosystem via Spyre group’s vast networking. Second, we will train a team of internal champions from your organization tasked with identifying what a startup technology can do for you, in particular. Next, we partner with them through the formulation of the startup-related opportunity and bring them to the point of presenting it persuasively and effectively to a forum of decision-makers. This systematic work we perform with the team of champions, the guidance we provide the management team and the well-documented methodology we provide clients with has generated tangible results as numerous of our clients’ startup-related opportunities made it into official work plans with executive sponsorship and into the pilot stage.

Why our clients love this:

  • Our scouting services tap into our vast network within the startup nation’s eco-system
  • 5-10 organic innovation opportunities are presented to the management team by well-prepared innovation champions
  • Management team highly likely to make this a recurring event
  • Management team highly likely to select more than three opportunities to become part of the official work plans as pilots.

Are you looking for opportunities to leverage startup technology to drive your revenues? Increase your profitability? Organizations love interacting with startups because exciting external technologies offer a glimpse into what is possible. At the same time, without affecting the organizational work plans it is impossible to achieve any true lasting impact. Most organizations that work with startups find themselves with an “experience” and may even publish an impressive press release. A year later, however, very little is left due to a lack of the organization’s level of internal readiness to working with startups. At Spyre group we specialize in partnering with organizations for the purpose of establishing such internal readiness.

A lack of internal readiness means that the potential application of startup technology is left at the hands of a very small group. That in turn means that startups are evaluated at face value and their technology as a 1:1 potential match without exploring less obvious avenues. Another limitation is that there’s no follow-through as the actual assimilation of startup technology at scale is extremely difficult as startups are positioned from the outside looking in. 

Spyre group’s groundbreaking pop-up accelerator format coupled with vast experience in corporate-startup programs effectively harnesses the collective knowledge and experience of internal champions for the purpose of achieving buy-in and sponsorship from key decision-makers. Here’s how it works:

  1. We scout for startups based on challenges defined by management
  2. Internal champions are trained to serve as drivers for the startups and identify startups they’d like to work with
  3. After cost-effective stages of selecting a final group of champions are given personal mentoring for their opportunities leading to them being presented to a council of executives
  4. The executive council selects startup related opportunities to proceed to an experiment stage
  5. Following the experiment, a final group of opportunities is selected to become part of official work plans as PoC’s

By applying elements of the lean startup methodology adapted to a corporate environment based on the vast experience of Spyre group, we see our clients internalizing numerous startup technologies in much more effective ways and at much higher levels of commitment compared to the alternatives. We have discovered the secret sauce to executive buy-in and we are committed to delivering our solution to you.

If your organization is ripe for opening up to startups and academia but not for an ongoing format or creating a dedicated lab then our open popup accelerator is what you are looking for. It gives you an opportunity to get the exposure you’re looking for and at the same time, our rigorous approach to the process and close guidance will ensure tangible outcomes and a lasting foundation you can build on later.

Our team at Spyre group has a profound understanding of the entrepreneurial mindset and tools but more importantly, we have an intimate understanding of corporate dynamics. We know how hard it is to get a long term commitment from senior management for any sort of new move. That is why we came up with this popup format.

Within just a few months you will have experienced the entire lifecycle of inviting startups by tapping into the external eco-system, being able to have a coherent conversation about what they can do for you and what you can do for them, understanding the golden rules of working with startups and most importantly, having an outcome in the form of approved pilots that are officially resourced and budgeted – all without being required to make any sort of binding commitment.

We know what you’re thinking right now. You might be thinking that your organization is especially challenging. That we don’t understand how complicated things are in your organization specifically. We get that. But what we also know is that we’ve seen it all and we solved it all. Our experience spans organizations from many industries both business, government, military, and more. Let us prove to you just what we can do.