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Innovation Risk Management Workshop

Duration: 90 minutes

Short description: We all know the saying “You cannot get the rewards without taking on the risk”. The thing about innovation is that it is perceived as as high risk by definition and we are taught to avoid risk at all costs. At Spyre we believe that significant rewards can be achieved while assuming only reasonable amounts of risk.

Why our clients love this:

This seminar is an eye-opener because all of Spyre’s methods revolve around mitigating risk in a balanced and responsible way. When done properly, innovation risk management is what allows us to explore what’s possible in order to achieve the incredible. This is what we focus on during this seminar.

Executives have known for years now the certainty of what happens to organizations that do not innovate. At the same time, the common wisdom that in order to generate great rewards one must also assume a lot of risks is a preconception that is very prevalent. As a result, the perceived risk of taking big bets on innovation is simply too great and thus, management teams who recognize the consequence of inactions still prefer to “kick the can down the road” hoping and praying that the crisis doesn’t occur on their watch. 

At Spyre we have developed a methodology that mitigates risk in a unique way at the individual venture level, at the business unit decision-making level and at a systemic level across the organization so that great rewards are possible without being required to assume the great risk. It is an elegant balancing act of risk being distributed across a complex system which in return generates outcomes of a high potential impact. In this seminar, we offer a glimpse into the risk factors of our methodology and the elegant balance it offers to management teams. You will never look at innovation and risk in the same way after taking our seminar.