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Innovation Checkup

Duration: 1 month

Short description: We collect focused information based on a handful of interviews with key personnel and by applying our proprietary methodology, identify the key shortcomings of the organization with regards to executing innovation systematically. This report boils down decades of our team’s collective experience and delivers it in a clear and concise form. Our goal is nothing short of getting your management team to agree on taking meaningful action.

Why our clients love this:

  1. The Mapping & Recommendations report is very accurate and identifies issues that others usually miss. We focus on the 20% of the elements that will generate 80% of the impact that you seek.
  2. We at the Spyre team consider our clients as partners and will do what it takes to achieve success. We will personally present the findings to the management team and take an active part in driving it to take meaningful action.

You probably know the drill. You realize that if you don’t come up with new products and services your business will be disrupted away within five years or so. Then an endless parade of consultants, a long and well-designed presentation filled with charts and details, an impassioned pitch to management, and then – nothing. Some brainstorming sessions, maybe a hackathon or two but nothing substantial making it into the work plans. You are left to your own devices with a hearty handshake and well wishes of good luck. There’s a big difference between theory and practice. We know because we’ve been there ourselves. That’s why the Spyre team is so fanatically committed to seeing you succeed and not just submitting good looking powerpoints (Although our slides are also awesome!). 

At Spyre group we understand a few things:

  1. Your time is precious
  2. Recommendations must be applicable and shouldn’t require the equivalent of open-heart surgery to your organization
  3. Success must be tangible and measurable

Our innovation checkup service is composed of just a handful of interviews and is based on our proprietary methodology based on decades of accumulated experience. What you receive is a findings and recommendations report that contains our observations regarding the current state of innovation in your organization along with recommendations of what action should be taken. Our commitment to you is that each and every one of our recommendations is practical and achievable within less than 6 months and if you wish we will guide you there step by step. A major part of the service we provide is presenting the main recommendations to your management team and get their buy-in. We know it’s hard. That’s why we’ve become so great at it.

Following are the main topics that our report contains:

Decision makers: What is required of identified decision makers in order for innovation activities to be successful for the long term and generate impact on strategic KPI’s

Goals: To what extent innovation activities are aligned with organizational strategic goals. The report will provide guidelines to create such alignment.

KPI’s: To what extent innovation activities are being held accountable against success criteria. The report will recommend such KPI’s based on the customer circumstances.

Entrepreneurs: Where innovative ideas come from. Are they being held to any sort of standard? The report will offer guidelines for such standards and procedures.

Enablers: Who in the organization currently supports entrepreneurs with knowledge, experience and connections? Is the organization effectively tapping its potential for this purpose?

Resources & Budget: Are innovation activities currently being budgeted and resourced in an effective and efficient manner? The report will recommend steps for doing so based on the performed mapping.

Community: To what extent are innovation activities based on a supporting organizational network? The recommendations will include a segment that proposes feasible steps and explains the benefits.

Process: Do innovation activities follow any sort of standard process? The report will recommend such a process based on the findings of the performed mapping.

Tools: Are any tools being used currently as a catalyst to innovation activities? The report will assess the current state and offer recommendations that align with overall recommendations.