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From startup to opportunity hands-on seminar

Duration: 4 weeks

Short description: In four weekly meetings of three hours each we will take entrepreneurs from your organizations with great ideas but no avenue to promote them to a management pitch that will get many of them approved. 

Why our clients love this:

  • Many of our graduates pitch their ideas successfully to management and get approval to take the next step.
  • The participants go through a meaningful experience as they are empowered to present their ideas and speak in a language that executives relate to.
  • Those who wish to promote innovation in their organization are delighted by the effect this has on the overall appetite of the organization to systematically innovate.

The best way to learn a skill is simply immersing yourself in it and that is the purpose of this lightning-quick program. Every organization has well-connected and open-minded people who encounter a startup they believe can make a huge difference to the organization. At the same time, they are frustrated with their lack of ability to make it happen. We’ll take a group of such people from your organization and take them to the point where they will know what to pitch, how to pitch, and who they pitch to. Our ratio of success getting to ventures with management support has been stellar.

Session 1: 

  • The entrepreneurial process 
  • Formulating of the startup’s value proposition to the organization

Session 2: 

  • The importance of a supportive community and the various roles within it
  • Adjusting the opportunity to the organization’s needs and capabilities
  • The importance of validation and validation techniques

Session 3: 

  • Focused pitch workshop
  • Practice

Session 4: 

  • Pitch dry-runs
  • Celebration

Imagine the impact that such a group of talented employees can make with their validated opportunities. Imagine the excitement this will generate when their colleagues hear about what they achieved and the demand this will generate from both executives and employees alike for more innovation. That’s the effect we are seeing with our clients.