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Executive Seminar

Duration: 2 hours

Short description: Do you know how sometimes you know that the organization should innovate, most members of the executive team know the organization should innovate, most employees know the organization should innovate and yet – the daily activities are simply too powerful and everyone stays focused on their immediate goals? Give us two hours with your management team and we’ll get them to take another step towards innovation proficiency.

Why our clients love this:

One word. Impact.

We have a way of getting management teams to realize that systematic innovation is not only a desirable goal but that it is also an achievable one. Our team has a great track record of getting executive teams to take the first step and simply taking that first step leads to greatness.

What is so great about this seminar is that it isn’t your run-of-the-mill slide parade with numbers and charts. Executives already know why innovation is great for business. We are here to show management teams what it means to innovate systematically and we wish to convey this in an engaging and memorable fashion. The seminar is a fun and engaging experience during which:

  1. We explain the principles of systematic innovation through stories and metaphors. 
  2. We engage the audience, having them recognize current status and challenges.
  3. We share case studies based on our personal experiences and those of our numerous clients.

And we get results. By the end of this seminar, your management team will have a clear idea of what systematic innovation looks like and a clear, compelling & tangible next step to take.

Actually, what do you have to lose? Worst case, you gave your management team some great entertainment. Our track record, though, suggests that you will achieve much more than that.