On this episode of Innovation Makes You Sexy Podcast we focus on the day-to-day work and dedication that is required by intrapreneurs.
Our guest today, led innovative initiatives at HP alongside his official role, and he came to share with us how he did it.

Meet Ori Bendet, Director of product management at Time To Know and Former product manager at HP

Ori is an experienced Product Leader with both Enterprise and Startup mileage, combining strong technical, marketing and entrepreneurial skills.

At Time To Know he is leading a SaaS based digital learning platform which helps instructors digitize their learning process.

Prior to that he spent 8 years in HP, building industry leading products and being highly involved in their innovation program.

He is an international speaker and blogger and on his free time he takes part in an initiative called “AI in Education”.

Ori shared with us the ins’ and outs of bringing initiative to life at HP , an organization that gives room for innovation. In his stories he shares the struggles, the politics and the Hutzpa!

Some of the topics Ori is talking about are:

• How HP as an organization supported his growth as Intrapreneur
• The everyday hustle of an Intrapreneur- time management, selling your idea, harnessing the right people, building your brand.
• How to create positive Influence and overcome corporate politics?
• Do’s and don’ts for corporate innovation managers
• Innovating in a small company VS. big company

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