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The iPod story and what we can ALL learn from it – By Ahi Gvirtsman

Reading this insider recount of how the iPod came to be one cannot avoid being struck by how three keys to successful innovation were present in a big way:
Leadership – Steve Jobs gave the team a goal and then the resources and freedom to work unencumbered by company politics along with a very aggressive deadline.

If you have “innovation” in your job title (Part 1)

If you have “innovation” in your job title, you should excel at breaking things! (Part 1)

If you have “innovation” in your job title, it most likely means two things: (1) most people have no idea what exactly you’re supposed to be doing, and (2) you have the DNA of a “builder”. Whether you develop products, services, business models or innovative processes, the fact of the matter is that you like “building” new things and hopefully, creating new value in the process.

5 Reasons intrapreneurship is essential

Change or die: what big business can learn from start-ups about internal innovation

Many articles these days discuss how startups should interact with large corporations but none discuss how corporations should interact and work with startups.

Jack Welch, the Head of General Electric, formulated the #1 rule for company survival: “Change or Die” many years ago yet it is just as relevant today. There are companies that develop and there are those that remain stagnant, and eventually meet the same fate as that of dinosaurs.

Aprender a ser emprendedor a los 12 años

Aprender a ser emprendedor a los 12 años

Dan Balter nació en Azula, un pequeña ciudad de la periferia de Israel en la que viven unas 40.000 personas. Hijo de padre uruguayo y madre argentina, a los 17 años creó una empresa que se dedicaba a la fabricación de vestimenta repelente de mosquitos, y a los 22 años la vendió por US$ 14 millones. Desde entonces, Balter inició otros negocios, como la compañía ATP que brinda servicios para reducir el impacto económico de las cancelaciones de vuelos en la industria de las aerolíneas comerciales, y es co-fundador y miembro del directorio de HYPE Foundation, una organización que busca promover el emprendedurismo y la innovación tecnológica en torno a los deportes.

poor inner city neighborhood

Entrepreneurship to Combat Poverty

There are 7.5 billion people in the world today. Within the next 50 years, the population will reach over 10 billion. As the population rises exponentially, so too does poverty, unemployment, and economic stagnation. Large-scale job creation requires a great deal of capital and power, but even with these resources many efforts to combat job scarcity fail to put a dent in the problem.