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Innovation Leaders Training

Duration: 4 weekly sessions of 2 hours each

Short description: In one month we will provide a select group of up to 30 employees the tools and understanding of how systematic innovation works and what their roles are in making it happen. If you already have innovation activities in place we know how to set up the innovation leads as a supporting community that allows you to get more stuff done. If no innovation framework is in place then we turn this group into your initial catalyst of generating one. 

Why our clients love this:

  • Purposeful – The material we teach has been optimized over several cycles to be the most effective on the outcomes we seek. This training isn’t meant to entertain. It is meant to build the foundation of your innovation community.
  • Short and concise – We know how busy your best and brightest are. Our methods were formulated wi that in mind and so were our training courses. No fluff. Just the good stuff.
  • Eye-opening – Again and again we are approached with participants who have been around for along time, have seen it all, done it all and got the T-Shirt. What they tell us is that they came in skeptical and stepped away impressed because we taught them new and applicable methods.

Innovation has become a very ambiguous term. It is often confused with creativity, invention and inspiration. We’re all for those wonderful ideals but at the same time we have a long track record that taught us to keep our eyes on the prize. Your prize. Our clients’ prize. Whether it is new revenue sources, increased profitability, enhanced customer satisfaction or some other strategic KPI you’d like to advance through innovation it all comes down to your organization’s ability to bring down internal barriers and allow employees to work together on innovative opportunities sharing their knowledge, experience, connections and expertise.

The foundation for such a supporting community that serves as your catalyst for innovation is a strong cadre of innovation leaders. Here’s what your innovation leaders will know by the end of the training:

  1. The life stages of an entrepreneurial endeavor.
  2. How to formulate and validate an innovative idea.
  3. What to ask for from management. What NOT to ask for from management.
  4. Basic mentoring principles.
  5. Their roles and responsibilities as part of the internal innovation ecosystem.
  6. Most importantly, they will realize that they can actually make a difference in parallel to their ongoing activities which is one of the most important aspects of this training.